Contacting your Webmaster.

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Contacting your Webmaster.

Post by Alfrunn23 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 6:45 pm

Have you tried to post in the Help Desk about your Account? Did you try to contact me by PM and it did not seem to work or I don't notice the post? Contact me with the following information using this information:

Before you contact me directly, Please read FAQ and see if your account may be locked up for some reason by a Administrator or myself. If this has happened and your sentence has been over, Then you can contact me. If you are still "Doing your Time" You do not have the authority to contact me.
All attempts to contact me if you are "Doing your Time" will be ignored and will add one day on to how long you must wait until your account is unlocked. I am strict for a reason.

Contacting Me:
Main E-mail:
Alternative E-mail:

Live Chat: VIA MSN or Windows Messenger VIA Yahoo! Messenger
Alfrunn23 VIA AIM
429555415 VIA ICQ

Live Voice Chat:
TeamSpeak Servers:
Out of the Ashes:
Support Server:

Skype: alfrunn23

Phone: 610-704-8608
(Use the phone as your absolute LAST resort.)

Webmaster, Super Moderator, Forum Developer, Administration.

OOTA TeamSpeak Host
NBK TeamSpeak Host
News Server TeamSpeak Host.
Support Server Host

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